1.18 update news teased for tomorrow

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs was split into two core parts last year and has been a huge undertaking at the moment. It seems that we are now nearing the end of its journey, as the second part may be just weeks away. Here’s what we know about its pre-release and the latest teasing.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part Two Pre Release drilled

In a recent tweet from Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlime, the technical director of Minecraft Java, revealed that there would be no snapshot this week. They said so they were “but preparing something for tomorrow …”

This is a pretty clear tease at an upcoming pre-release. If it does not arrive tomorrow, it looks like we’ll see a release date or some information about it. We will keep you updated right here when new information comes out.

What is a Minecraft prerelease?

Pre-releases essentially act as a beta of the full update. It lets a limited number of players come in and test it themselves. You can then report any errors to the team so they can correct them in a timely manner.

If all goes well, this is a good sign of the state of the update and indicates that it is probably no more than a few weeks away from its official release. Of course, if a drastic error occurs, it can be delayed.

How can I download the pre-release?

To download the pre-release you need a copy of the Java version of the game. From here, go into setting and set up pre-releases to install. It should automatically make the game ready. Start a world up and play it for yourself.

Make sure to have a backup, sometimes prereleases can be a bit unstable.

Minecraft 1.18 release date

Now that the pre-release is on its way, it seems likely that we are only weeks away from the big update. It took a little over two weeks between the first prerelease and the full release of Caves and Rocks, part one.

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