Accelerated Progress of Quantum Computing Technology, 2021

The digital revolution highlights the need for awareness of quantum technologies. The world is now preparing for more digital transformation with the revolution in quantum technology. Countries that authorize quantum computing technology will have long-term control of the information processing space, giving them control and influence over areas such as modern manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, the digital economy, logistics, national security and intelligence.

The imminent arrival of quantum computers with 1000 qubits, and their potential to disrupt commercial operations as well as global communications, is a real risk, but also offers a great opportunity to power AI and computing workflows.

Two major quantum computing and technology businesses have announced that they will combine to form an independent company, which is set to become the largest company in the quantum computing industry when the deal closes in Q3 2021. The merger brings together “the world’s highest performing quantum computers”. “and an investment of up to US$300 million, for a “global leader in software” quantum computing platform.

Germany to provide €2 billion for quantum R&D

Two government ministries have announced their funding for quantum R&D over the next 5 years. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy will contribute to a number of initiatives, including the development of competitive quantum computers and the establishment of the Quantum Association.

British quantum tech start-up raises $400 million for quantum encryption satellites. British quantum encryption start-up Arkit has announced plans to build and develop two satellites by 2023. The satellites will be planned to support Architect’s ‘quantum cloud’ encryption technology, which is designed to secure the communication links of network devices from hacking, including those from quantum computers.

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