3 NFL records Patrick Mahomes set when he put the world back on notice

Small stretches are not indicative of a player’s long-term evaluation. In 2021, Patrick Mahomes had one of the coldest streaks of his potentially legendary NFL career. That ended in Week 9 when Mahomes ripped through the Raiders defense en route to a landslide victory for Kansas City. The most promising sign for the Chiefs was that their franchise quarterback racked up large numbers of passes without turnovers and completed a few throws of more than 20 passing yards that surprisingly did not happen recently.

In 2021, Patrick Mahomes lost his status as the unanimous choice of the best quarterback in the NFL. The league is at its best when its star players perform at their talent level and it was a promising sign to soccer fans that Mahomes found success against one of the most surprising teams of the 2021 NFL season. Patrick Mahomes is the quarterback no defensive coordinator wants to plan against due to his elite playmaking ability and Sunday was another example with some all-time NFL records to prove it.


Here are the 3 most interesting facts about Patrick Mahomes’ performance in Week 9:

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