# 3 When not to jump: the 10 most embarrassing moments in the NFL

Position kickers in professional soccer rarely endure any contact on the field and are there just to kick off kicks and attempt field goals and extra points. Injuries to kickers generally stem from the motion of kicking the ball or perhaps during practice. But there was a time when a kicker was seriously injured …by your own doing. That player was Bill Gramatica and in December 2001 he was the kicker for the Arizona Cardinals. On December 15, his team was playing the New York Giants and on a 42-yard field goal attempt that Gramatica put through the studs, he jumped in celebration only to land completely badly on his leg that tore his cruciate ligament. earlier and the season ended. .

Grammar later made the attempt lightly:

“My jump was excellent. I needed to work on my landing. It was fun. It was part of my career. I talk about it all the time. You have to laugh at it.”

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