3 Zodiac Signs Ready for a Romantic Adventure, October 9 – 12, 2021

The Moon in Sagittarius will take place from October 9 to October 12, 2021, and for three zodiac signs, they will want a romantic adventure to enjoy this beautiful energy.

While we’d all love to step away from reality for a week or so, we’d also love a night of romance and the thought of an adventure, that’s for sure.

The Moon in Sagittarius is about to make that very possible for everyone from October 9, 2021, in fact for these three signs in particular: Taurus, Cancer and Sagittarius.

People dream of romance – it’s in our nature; we want something to keep us away from the grind; but above all, we want to feel special – and we want to think that life has more in store for us on a personal level.

We want love and kindness – and we want to know that there is something to look forward to during the Moon in Sagittarius.

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A romantic adventure is what we all look forward to. Even for those of us who have given up on love – which many of us have.


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