3 zodiac signs that will have a rough day on November 3, 2021

As we begin a seemingly calm day under the Scorpio Sun and Libra Moon, three constellations that will have a rough day on November 4, 2021 can feel the energy of impatience rising that could potentially hurt all the work we’ve done recently.

There are many astrological aspects that make Wednesday especially rough, but things will get better once the New Moon passes.

The first is that we are in the window just before the Super New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th, which is the official start of the Eclipse season. In addition, a few hours later we will feel both Mercury and Venus changing constellations.

But we also have no other astrological transits on Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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It is considered a day of silence and reflection which should be positive. However, with some zodiac signs, it can seem like nothing is wrong.

It can be triggering for those who have tried to tick off their lists and get things done without stopping to think about the emotional and mental effects of their journey.


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