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Game of the Year Psychonauts 2

No matter how great a cult status the original is Psychonauts holding that releasing a direct sequel more than 16 years later would always be a daunting prospect. Thank God that Double Fine did not fall into that fear back then, because Psychonauts 2 is another game of creativity up the wazoo. Raz returns to find out who the double agent who lives in Motherlobe is, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg in a story that begins just moments after the culmination of the PSVR title Rhombus of Ruin.

Those familiar with the two predecessors know what happens: Raz has special powers he can use to move around the environment or use during combat. All unique to each other, it is the set pieces and wonderful places that the main character visits that really lift these abilities to the next level. Like It Takes Two, Double Fine is not interested in repeating ideas with nausea.

With a strong art style to start, the game is simply a pleasure. Raz’s young and charismatic personality shines through in interludes and dialogue trees, while the peculiarities of the supporting cast make them just as memorable. It almost feels as if no more than a decade and a half has actually passed between the original game and this sequel. The humor continues to be okay and the characters do not feel out of place. They are all timeless if you will.

Since the level design synergies with the theme of a particular area, Psychonauts 2 refuses to let your smile turn upside down. Even its controls feel responsive and correct despite the number of abilities you have at hand at all times. Psychonauts 2 is a very special game that is more than 16 years in the making, and it goes beyond that and sets a new standard for 3D action platform players.

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