50 Cent’s record label G-Unit claims to own Young Buck’s music catalog. The dispute between the two parties relates to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed by Buck in January 2020.

Earlier this year, Buck was accused of hiding $24,228.14 in royalties and recently reached an agreement with the bankruptcy account on a $515 monthly payment plan.

50 Cent, G Unit
Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

However, 50 Cent claims the money owes him since G-Unit owns all of Buck’s music.

“Under the clear terms of the recording contract, G-Unit’s property belongs to G Unit as it owns all works comprising such property and [Young Buck] is only entitled to a percentage of the net proceeds that G Unit earns from licensing such works. Therefore, the Motion to Compromise must be dismissed,” explains 50 Cent’s attorney, William N. Helou.

In July 2014, G-Unit gave Buck $250,000 in exchange for signing a recording contract to record two albums for the label. He never fulfilled the terms of the agreement.

“Here the compromise is not fair and equitable because the trustee’s settlement with… [Young Buck] is based on the incorrect statement that the G-Unit Property is the property of the estate. It isn’t,’ said Helou.