6 games, 4 teams, 1 playoff spot, still live

2021 IPL Playoff Race – 7 League Matches, 4 Teams & 1 Playoff Place, Check What KKR, PBKS, RR, MI Need To Qualify – Follow Live Updates

IPL 2021 Playoff Race – 6 Games, 4 Teams, 1 Place: Phase 2 is scheduled for a Grand Final as IPL 2021 heads into hectic mode, with up to 4 teams battling for the final spot in the IPL 2021 playoffs. RCB has joined Delhi Capitals and Chennai Super Kings in the playoffs after to beat Punjab Kings on Sunday. The remaining 6 games will now decide the fate of the remaining teams i.e MI, PBKS, RR and KKR: Follow IPL 2021 Playoff Race Live Updates on InsideSport.co

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KKR has solidified their chances of qualifying with a win over SRH. The remaining 6 games will now decide the fate of the 4 teams i.e MI, PBKS, RR and KKR in the playoff race:

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2021 IPL Equipment Points Table

No. Equipment Played Won Lost N / R Points NRR
1 Super Kings of Chennai 12 9 3 0 18 +0.829
2 Capitals of Delhi 12 9 3 0 18 +0.551
3 Royal Challengers Bangalore 12 8 4 0 sixteen -0.157
4 Horsemen of the Kolkata Knights 13 6 7 0 12 +0.294
5 Kings of Punjab 13 5 8 0 10 -0.241
6 Royals of Rajasthan 12 5 7 0 10 -0.337
7 Mumbai Indians 12 5 7 0 10 -0.453
8 Hyderabad sunrises 12 2 10 0 4 -0.475

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2021 IPL Playoffs Race – 6 League Matches Left, CSK, DC, RCB Through – KKR, PBKS, RR, MI Fighting For Last Place – Follow Live Updates

IPL 2021 Playoff Race: Current Playoff Scenarios for KKR, PBKS, MI, RR

What Kolkata Knight Riders Need to Qualify – Currently 4th on the points table

  • Simple equation for them, wins the final match against Rajasthan Royals, reserves the spot and qualifies for the playoffs. Your superior NET OPERATING RATE He will carry them forward with victory.
  • With a win over SRH, KKR now needs to win the last game against RR to qualify for the playoffs.
  • The situation will get complicated if KKR loses the last game.
  • In that scenario, only the Mumbai Indians can match them at 14 points, but MI would need to win their last two matches by a combined total of around 190 runs to beat KKR’s net run rate.
  • If KKR loses to RR, then they would require MI to beat RR and SRH to beat MI, which would leave multiple teams with 12 points each and the net run rate would help KKR outperform the rest.

Game remaining: vs RR (October 7)

IPL 2021 Playoff Race: What the Punjab Kings Need to Qualify – – Currently 5th on the points table

  • PBKS is in a difficult situation now. They only have 1 game left. They are currently in fifth place on the points table, but in a very precarious position.
  • First things first: PBKS has to win the last game against CSK and that too by a big margin
  • Then they will have to wait for the results of other matches.
  • They can only go as high as 12 points and would not require KKR, RR or MI to go above 12 points. For that to happen, PBKS has to beat the first CSKs first and then RR has to beat KKR and lose to MI, and then MI has to lose to SRH. PBKS ‘net race rate is -0.241 and it would take a big win against CSK to outperform the other contenders, especially KKR, to have any chance of qualifying.

Game remaining: vs CSK (October 7)

What the Rajasthan Royals require to qualify – Currently 6th in the points table

  • RR has to win both games if they have to qualify vs KKR & MI
  • RR vs MI on Tuesday: Victory in this will mean Mumbai Indians collapse
  • RR vs KKR on Thursday: This can be a virtual knockout, the victory of either of them will take them to the playoffs as long as RR defeats MI as well
  • However, in the event of a 12-point tie, RR is 0.631 points behind KKR’s net run rate and they would have to beat KKR by around 75 runs in their last league game to get ahead of the run rate. current net of KKR.

Rajasthan Royals: Matches Remaining: vs MI (Oct 5), vs KKR (Oct 7)

IPL 2021 Playoff Race: What Mumbai Indians Need to Qualify – Currently 7th on the points table

  • Mumbai Indians they are in a dangerous situation and could be lost even after winning their last two games. They have an NRR of -0.453, the lowest among contenders and only big wins can get them to the playoffs.
  • MI faces Sunrisers Hyderabad and Rajasthan Royals, with the former already knocked out.
  • Your best case scenario is to win the remaining two matches and hope that RR beats KKR. In that case, MI will hit 14 points, while KKR and RR end up with 12 each and the net execution rate does not enter the picture.
  • MI could be eliminated even if they win their last two matches, in net execution rate, if KKR beats RR.

Matches remaining: vs RR (October 5), vs SRH (October 8)

IPL 2021 Playoff Race – Remaining IPL 2021 Schedule

Match No. Day Date Weather Match Campus
51 Tuesday October 5, 2021 07:30 p. M. RR vs MI Sharjah
52 Wednesday October 6, 2021 07:30 p. M. RCB vs SRH Abu dhabi
53 Thursday October 7, 2021 03:30 p. M. CSK vs. PBKS Dubai
54 Thursday October 7, 2021 07:30 p. M. KKR vs. RR Sharjah
55 Friday October 8, 2021 07:30 p. M. SRH vs MI Abu dhabi
56 Friday October 8, 2021 07:30 p. M. RCB vs DC Dubai

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