‘911’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 — [Spoiler] Browse, leave the show?

9-1-1 The three-part premiere ended Monday with a happy ending for one family, immediately followed by the birth of another crisis for another.

The final hour of #TheBlackout began with Athena’s son trying to outwit his kidnapper, while desperately trying to forget the moment he walked in on Jeremy while sniffing his mom’s panties. (Sure, all night would be great to delete, but if I had to focus on one specific moment never to remember, that would be it.)

Athena agreed to let Michael play 9-1-1 (because we all know how well that turned out last time!), complete with riveting banter about Jeffrey’s junk. When Athena revealed that she had shot Jeffrey in the penis, Michael complimented her on the poet’s justice. “He used it as a weapon,” Athena joked, to which her ex-husband added, “You disarmed the man!” It was a nice exchange.

What happened next, however, was extremely unpleasant. First, we saw Jeffrey do some rehab at Lou’s house, including putting up a framed photo of Athena’s battered face from the night of her attack. It was beyond nauseating. It was… well, let’s just say that Room evaluator would have strong words for that decorative choice.

Then came perhaps one of the biggest twists of the night: Someone actually said, “Thank goodness for curious Karens and their Twitter accounts.” A young woman apparently posted footage of Harry being kidnapped with Jeffrey posing as an undercover police officer, and Athena wasted no time using the viral video to find Jeffrey in a police protection area.

Midway through the episode, Athena and Jeffrey finally came face-to-face, though their grand reunion was cut short when he put Bobby in his crosshairs, sending Athena a fully justified fit of trigger-happy rage. And as he bled to death on the dirty ground, Jeffrey’s last words were that his gun was unloaded. A real gem to the bitter end, this man.

Overall, our story had a happy ending. Not only was Jeffrey dead, but the 118 successfully freed Harry from behind a wall and brought him to safety. Was a part of me secretly hoping that “Harry” would take off his mask and reveal that he was Jeffrey? Certainly. But even this show has its nonsensical limits.

Other emergencies that need to be addressed…

*Maddie officially hit her wall this week and dropped her baby off at the fire station — and not even with Chimney specifically! However, she left this heartbreaking video message for him: “I’m sure you are confused, hurt and probably very scared. I don’t know what to say. You don’t have to go to the police or look for me. I’m not in danger and no one will let me do this. Jee-Yun is not safe with me, not now and maybe [not ever]. I know you’re going to take very good care of her, and she’s better off without me. I love you. I love you both. And I’m really sorry.” Um… oops?!

* Other sad news: Eddie ended up telling Ana four little words that we all knew were coming, even if they weren’t the words she wanted to hear. “We need to talk” led to a fairly amicable breakup, although I didn’t expect their exchange to get so emotional. Frankly, I wasn’t even expecting tears. But we have them. We have drama. We have multiple languages. Heck, we even got a “You’re a great dad” speech. I’m curious what the future holds for Eddie.

* As for Buck’s love life, he was happy to greet Taylor when he came home from his longest shift in recent memory. He didn’t even seem to mind having to say it on one of her TV shows.

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