ACC Media Day: Hubert Davis Takeaways

CHARLOTTE, NC — While the North Carolina basketball head coach is still a new tag for Hubert Davis, the former ESPN analyst was home Tuesday at the 2021 ACC Tipoff media event in Uptown Charlotte.

Roy Williams was never one to appreciate the long hours of a media day, starting with television appearances and ending with radio interviews, sandwiched around a deep dive with reporters asking slightly more nuanced versions of the same general questions. Part of that world for seven years, Davis seemed relaxed when the media got their first personal look at the Tar Heels’ fifth head coach in 60 years.

“I played at Carolina,” Davis said. “I played in the NBA for 12 years and I was with ESPN for seven years, so this is great. I appreciate all the cameras and microphones, but I’ve been here before. Yes, I’ve never been a head coach at the University of North Carolina , but in terms of having these kinds of expectations, being on TV, being in the spotlight, I’ve been there before. We’re fine.”

What follows are Davis’s most notable cases, including standout players, schematic emphasis, and scheduling preferences.

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