Adam Pearce on his relationship with Roman Reigns

WWE official Adam Pearce recently commented on his working relationship with Roman Reigns.

Pearce was on WWE’s The Bump this week, where he discussed working with The Tribal Chief on the blue brand.

Adam Pearce acknowledged that he has not been Roman’s best friend. Pearce recalled the events of last week where he approached Roman to inform him of his next challenger, but the current Universal Champion didn’t even look at him. This is what Pearce said about his relationship with Roman Reigns:

“For the past year, Roman and I haven’t exactly been friendly, so to speak. He said that when he refused to look at me, we can talk about it. But he said he didn’t care who the challenger was unless it was me. Roman goes to have his hands full with Seth. I think that’s something he didn’t see coming. I went over there to give him the professional courtesy of letting him know so he could understand before he saw Seth. He didn’t want that courtesy, and I’m sure he I’ll take care of that on SmackDown.”

Roman Reigns has been Universal Champion for 500 days

This week, Roman Reigns reached another milestone when he completed 500 days as WWE Universal Champion. Reigns won the Championship in 2020 when he defeated Braun Strowman and The Fiend at WWE Payback.

Even Paul Heyman, currently Brock Lesnar’s defender, took to Twitter to congratulate The Tribal Chief on his recent achievement.

Reigns now has a unique challenge ahead of him at the Royal Rumble as he defends his Universal Title against his former Shield brother Seth Rollins.

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