After 10 hours with Elden Ring, I am not sold on the open world

I began my search for the Elden ring by running away from a knight on horseback that was five times my size. He was radiant in golden armor, and I had the feeling that my wooden club, cloths, and the wagon wheel around my neck would not measure up to the man-sized halberd he was swinging in the air. So I ran, picked up a few berries from bushes along the way and kept walking until I found some enemies that were more my size. Within an hour, I had gone underground in a small dungeon, killed my first boss, and got a spectral horse that could tear across the fields of the open world of the Elden Ring at a mighty pace.

The spectral horse is important, because the impression I got from a weekend of early access to the Elden Ring Network Test is that I’m going to do a lot of tearing over empty squares in the last game. Elden Ring’s open world is rich in prey and mini dungeons to be found, but after a decade of exploring FromSoftware’s tightly designed kingdoms, it’s a shock to see how scattered everything is in Elden Ring.

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