After Valentine Claims ‘Trouble’ On Election Night, Registrars Say System Prevents Double Voting

STAMFORD – At around 11pm Tuesday, when the absent votes were counted, Bobby Valentine told supporters gathered in The Village in the South End that there was a “problem”.

“Now what’s the problem — those problems. I can’t believe we’re dealing with those problems here in Stamford, Connecticut. Oh, someone voted for absent and they voted in person as well,” Valentine said, speaking from the crowd groans.

After talking about his decision to run for mayor and praising the people who volunteered for his campaign, Valentine returned to the absentee ballots.

“I just want to say, seriously, this campaign should be the model no matter what I get when they tell me about the 6,000 AB ballots being counted or the 400 ballots being contested or anything else going on. downstairs, now going on in town hall – which, believe me, makes my stomach turn to think that in our town they are really saying to me, ‘Oh, someone voted in person and they forgot they voted absent, ‘ said Valentine, a former Major League Baseball executive and resident of the city who ran as an unaffiliated candidate.

Stamford’s electoral roll, Democrat Ron Malloy and Republican Lucy Corelli, said Friday they didn’t know what Valentine was talking about regarding 400 “disputed” ballots.

Valentine’s campaign manager has not returned a request for comment.

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