Alex Ovechkin scores two as Caps defeated Rangers 5-1

Hi. Welcome back. Hope you are fine. Wild times, huh? Yes, I’m fine, I’ll stick with it. Okay, that was a good conversation. Let’s get into it now.

The Washington Capitals kicked off the 2021-22 season with a solid defeat to the New York Rangers. The Caps scored four goals before Chris Kreider shutout Vitek Vanecek on a soft penalty in the third period. Ovi added another one, and that wasn’t bad for one of the 82.

Win caps!

A five-goal game to start the season? Here’s my new Bailamos video:

  • How fitting that TJ Oshie, sporty and AN while Backstrom is out, he started scoring for the team by crashing the net during a power play. He is the heart and soul of this team and he was instrumental in our next bullet…
  • Hendrix Lapierre, all 19 years old, took a nice backhand pass from Oshie and made it his first NHL goal. A hug followed, but a little marred by Wayne Gretzky muttering about the play-call. So happy for this boy, who was such a breeding stallion in the camp. I can’t think of a better way to start a new hockey season, oh wait, yes, I can…
  • Alex Ovechkin scored goals number 731 and 732, with a great pass from Anthony Mantha and another great pass from Evgeny Kuznetsov. Those goals brought Ovechkin to four points on the night and took him past the great Marcel Dione, who was the sole owner of fifth-place all-time.
  • Ryan Reaves was there. He hardly played hockey. This bullet is just to commemorate all the things he didn’t do despite all that ridiculous roar. I bet the Rangers are glad they dumped Buchnevich and solved their Tom Wilson problem.
  • TNT was fine. I liked the score bug (above) and the power play clock. Kenny Albert is always a good call-by-play caller when Joe B isn’t around. Liam McHugh actually became a recognizable human being rather than the vending machine he was meant to be on NBC. But Wayne talked about Schultz and Lapierre’s goals because no one wanted to disturb the legend for whom so much was invested as part of this rights deal – no thanks.
  • A soft penalty against Dmitry Orlov put the Caps on the penalty kill and enabled Chris Kreider to score the only goal of the night for the Rangers. Unfortunate.

Not bad for game 1. I wish VV got a shutout.

It’s way too early in the season for my unbearable righteous outrage, so I’m using this space to say Capital One Arena can do a better job with masks. It’s weird enough for them not to have a vaccine requirement – as many other teams and arenas do – but then they have to have meaningful enforcement of the mask requirement. Instead, we saw widespread non-compliance. As fans, we expect more from you, Ted Leonsis and Monumental Sports, than this. Do it better.

Okay, that’s over. Until next time.

Header photo: @KuzyBeCacklin

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