“Alexandra Stevenson was born because her mother had braces”: Julius Erving opened up his relationship with his daughter and retired former WTA player through an ESPN initiative

Philadelphia 76ers legend Julius Erving wants to reconnect with estranged daughter Alexandra Stevenson, whom he abandoned years ago.

Julius Erving, popularly known as Dr. J, is considered one of the greatest in NBA history. He led the Philadelphia 76ers to their second title in 1983. In addition, he was widely respected in the league as a representative of the sport in the 1970s and 1980s.

Before going to the NBA, he was the face of ABA. dr. J won the scoring title three times before and was a driving force behind the NBA and ABA merger. Erving also had several accolades to his name after the merger, ending his glorious career in 1987.

Although he was married at the time, Julius Erving had an illegitimate daughter with a Philadelphia reporter. The story of her conception is an unusual story that the Hall of Famer revealed in his autobiography. Growing up as a professional tennis player, she came into the limelight after the media found out she was the daughter of Dr. J was.

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Julius Erving wants his relationship with his daughter Alexandra. to rebuild

The athletic genes are clearly in Erving’s blood. His daughter Alexandra Stevenson became a tennis player, but the fact that her father was Julius Erving attracted negative attention when she reached the Wimbledon semifinals 22 years ago. Erving eventually recognized her as his daughter, but the two didn’t get to know each other well until 2004.

In his autobiography “Dr. J”, he revealed the details of how he met Samantha Stevenson and came to father Alexandra. “She becomes someone who helps me relax when I feel tense or stressed. I can drive there and spend a relaxing evening that may even include oral sex,” Erving wrote.

“I can only remember once when we actually had intercourse, and that was because she had just gotten this new orthodontics to straighten her teeth. With wire and shiny metal in her mouth, oral sex was not an option.”

The two reconciled years later when the injured Alexandra asked him for help in getting financial sponsors to make a comeback. Thus began the process of restoring their relationship.

In an ESPN interview years ago, Dr. J about this, “So many things have happened since Halloween – our first Thanksgiving, [it will be] our first christmas, our first birthday [together]’ says Erving. “I want to make all these things as special as possible.”

Alexandra Stevenson retired in 2018 and now works with ESPN as a commentator.

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