Among Us gets a major update with new roles and cosmetics

The viral sensation that we all know and love (or are completely tired of) gets a bigger facelift. Well, a major official facelift at least. Among us has released some new roles that players can try, which adds another layer to the social deduction game. Players are no longer hotboxed to just a simple cheater or crewmate. Now there are some new roles that can either help the bad or the good.

New separate roles have existed in Among us for some time in the form of mods. In fact, many of the roles found in the official update can also be found in other mods. At least those roles are now official and may entice some old players to return. These roles are not forced, which means you can still play the classic Impostor vs. Crewmate game mode, but if you want to shake your finger up a bit, this is it.

Among Us returns with new roles

There are several new roles that either help the crew members or the deceivers. Crew members will now receive help from the scientist, who can check vitals at any time. (However, they will need to keep their batteries charged by performing tasks.) The engineer can crawl through vents and the guardian angel can throw a protective shield around the crew members. Some of these roles exist through mods, but Scientist sounds like a cool addition that can change things in a big way. Fraudsters, meanwhile, will now enjoy the company of Shapeshifters, who can transform into any Crewmate.

A new cosmetics system will also be added to the game, with two branches with free skins and paid. Beans and pods can be unlocked by playing the game with a new premium currency called Stars. You can unlock Cosmicubes with beans or stars and grab potential skins and cosmetics with them. You can see the full update at Among us blog here.

Among us new roles 1

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