Anne-Sophie Mutter: When I was young, no one cared about my hair and makeup – Slipped DiscSlipped Disc

norman lebrecht

08 October 2021

The German violinist, 58, gets ripped off in a Spanish interview with El Pais:

“Women are not only judged on stage, but also off it. I thought art would free us from being subjected to it… When I was a teenager, no one cared about our hair or our makeup. Just look at the covers of those albums. Now appearance is everything for young people. It hurts to see that the artistic content isn’t always as appealing as the packaging, but it must be what record companies want. Anyway. Music is something you enjoy with your eyes closed.’

‘My concern now is to change the repertoire and play fewer men, less white. Too many works have been forgotten because the repertoire is reserved for a certain section of society. There is a fantastic concert by Joseph Bologne, a black contemporary of Mozart.’

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