Ariya Daivari talks about Vince McMahon giving him a WWE PPV match

Ariya Daivari has revealed that he faced Tony Nese on the WWE Money in the Bank 2019 main show due to his car entry.

Nese recently told Matt Rehwoldt (fka Aiden English) on Straight Shooting that Daivari pitched the idea of ​​driving a car during his entry. An unidentified WWE superior rejected the idea, so Daivari approached Vince McMahon and received approval from the WWE president.

On the latest episode of Straight Shooting, Daivari said that WWE decision makers almost always used to book cruiserweight bouts on pay-per-view startup shows. However, McMahon made an exception in his match against Nese simply because of his single inning.

“It does not matter that, [cruiserweight matches] it was always the pre-show, “said Daivari. “And as I got the driveway, they told me, ‘We can’t do this driveway at a pre-show.’ That’s why they put us on the main show.

“A lot of people were saying, ‘Why the hell is Daivari on the main show? You could have put Drew Gulak on the main show, you could have put this guy, Buddy Murphy on the main show, but are you going to put Daivari on the main show? I was like, ‘I had a great entrance. That’s why!’ They couldn’t waste that on the pre-show. “

Daivari and Nese received their WWE pitches in June, while Bray Wyatt surprisingly left the company last week. Watch the video above to hear Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Kevin Kellam and Rick Ucchino talk about Wyatt, the latest WWE releases, and much more.

Tony Nese defeated Ariya Daivari at WWE Money in the Bank 2019

Tony Nese later became tag team partners with Ariya Daivari.
Tony Nese later became tag team partners with Ariya Daivari.

Vince McMahon told Ariya Daivari that he also needed permission from WWE Executive Vice President Kevin Dunn to drive a car in his driveway. Dunn approved of the idea after making sure a car would fit in the WWE Money in the Bank arena (the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut).

Nese, who won the Cruiserweight Championship from Buddy Murphy a month earlier at WrestleMania 35, defeated Daivari in a nine-minute match. Nese’s reign lasted 77 days, while Daivari never held the title during his five years in WWE.

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