Artificial Organisms: Glittering Digital Creatures Wave and Pulse with Light in Maxim Zhetskov’s New Movie

Animation Art

#digital #shortfilm #video

Nov 9, 2021

Grace Ebert

In ‘Artificial Organisms’, Russian director Maxim Zhestkov (formerly) brings machine intelligence to life to create heart-pounding marine organisms that radiate with vibrant bands of light. Consisting of countless individual spheres, the colossal, lifelike specimens are presented as floating in undulating masses or enveloping a stark white structure in groups reminiscent of a coral reef. Each piece combines the artificial and organic, producing “a bizarre world of enchanting digital creatures,” says Zhestkov. “A combination of biological symmetry and flawless digital matter, they are a representation of nascent artificial intelligence.” Visit Vimeo, Instagram, and Behance to see more of the director’s projects.

#digital #shortfilm #video

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