Ashes 2021/22 – Test 5 sees the strangest dismissal

Every day of this 2021/22 Ashes series has been exciting. And there is always a moment in each session that stands out at the end of the day. Today was Day 1 of the 2021/22 Ashes 5th Test and we had one more similar moment, with none other than the ICC #1 ranked test batsman, marnus labuschagne.

“I’ve never seen that in Test cricket,” Michael Vaughan said on air when this moment happened. It was 22.1 in the first session of the day as Stuart Broad was running to bowl Australia’s best batsman of this series. What followed is Labuschagne walking offside and falling to expose his stumps, ending up being knocked down and the batsman on all fours on the ground.

See Marnus Labuschagne fall flat

While he led Australia into deeper trouble and dropped 4 wickets in the first session, it was quite a fun time. No one really understood where Marnus was going when he started walking into the offside and it only got worse because he couldn’t recover, with his spikes missing and slipping so he lost the ball, and it was WOOD!

While the hosts were down to 83/4 and it was a serious situation for them going into the first break of the day, the players saw the funny side of the situation. Slow-mo replays showed Steve Smith and captain Pat Cummins laughing as they watched it on their laptop screen, while Broad and his English team-mates also laughed at what they saw here.

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The strangest dismissal

We have seen some strange redundancies in Test cricket and this one is at the top of the list. The exaggerated movement before Broad was able to throw the ball likely caused Marnus problems, but not being able to make contact with the ball later only made things worse for him. Before the break, Australia was 85/4, currently leading the series 3-0. See the dismissal here:

Immediately, social media was filled with memes and trolls and even Cricket Australia tweeted that it was a super weird dismissal. Another user called it embarrassing, saying: “Marnus Labuschagne most embarrassing firing of all time #AshesTest #Ashes.” Users were quick to link it to another very similar decision in which the batsman caught himself, back in 1996.

Marnus Labuschagne being sacked today at Broad @ Hobart Bowling today reminds me that Ijaz Ahmad played England @ Lords test 1996 Ijaz Ahmad Bowled by @DominicCork95. Funny kind of goodbye #Ashes” another user said while sharing a video clip of that match as well:

Whether it’s the way he plays, a new record or milestone, talking to himself while batting, or dismissing weird stuff like this, Marnie is always in the news and that’s why he’s one of our favorite cricketers right now. . It is sure to make more headlines in the days and months to come and for similar cricket updates from around the world, stay tuned for…

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