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Cricket legend Mark Taylor fears England may need a wholesale review of the country’s operations before the test team can begin to regenerate.

England have already lost the Ashes series, only three games in, but beaten convincingly in each, and still with two left to play.

The first two were bad, but this week’s slaughter at MCG may be the worst. England fought back to be in a winning position on day 2, only to be rolled for 68 and lose by an innings, the match over before the first break on day 3.

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“From a cricket point of view (is it) a bit of a concern, really. England, I do not know where they are going,” Taylor told the Wide World of Sports.

“They’ve tried different combinations in their best order, but their batting has so many flaws that it’s not fun. That’s the concern for them.

“I’m not sure where they’re headed from here.

“Australia has 15 or 20 guys to choose from and at the moment I do not know who England is choosing.”

After the test ended in a horrific way for England, captain Joe Root hinted that there might be a need for a review of how the team sank so low.

Root said not enough professional players were ready for the test cricket – the game’s longest and best form.

Boland snatches England’s skipper

Taylor agrees.

“Something has to happen because you only have to look at their batters, you can use that as a benchmark, I suppose,” Taylor said.

“They have world-class Joe Root, but no one else in their batting is world-class. The second-best on average is Ben Stokes, he has an average of 36. He is a world-class all-rounder.

“Everyone else is on average 33 or under, and that includes (Rory) Burns and (Ollie) Pope, who did not play this game, but they have played more than 20 games each.

“At the moment, England do not produce players who will average over 40, and that should be the benchmark for what you want to achieve.

“The concern is that I’m not sure who’s next for them.”

Ben Stokes cast by Mitchell Starc

Taylor is just as concerned about England’s bowling shares.

“On the other hand, their best bowler is James Anderson, and he’s 39 years old. If he’s your best bowler, then why is your best bowler a 39-year-old?” he said.

“I would have liked to have seen an English team that had young fast bowlers come through and maybe Jimmy Anderson plays the supporting role.

“But when Jimmy Anderson comes as the main act, at the age of 39, with an average in Australia in the mid-30s with the ball, it does not bode well, and that is not how it went either.

“England need a total renewal. They need a whole new fresh approach to what they’re doing, starting with some quality dampers who can not only occupy the field but can also play quality bowling.”

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