Assessment of former Pakistani bowler, due to factionalism, Kohli may also withdraw from T20

Karachi: Former Pakistan Test player Mushtaq Ahmed has said that Virat Kohli’s decision to step down as captain of the T20 format indicates that all is not well in the Indian dressing room. When the Indian Premier League was held in the UAE before the World Cup, Kohli announced that he would lead the Royal Challengers Bangalore for the last time and also confirmed that the T20 World Cup was his last tournament as captain in this format. . It will happen.

The groups are made up of Mumbai and Delhi.

Mushtaq, who works at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) High Performance Center, said: “When a successful captain says he wants to resign, it means that all is not well in the locker room. I see two factions in the Indian locker room right now … the Mumbai and Delhi factions. Kohli led India in the T20 format for the last time in a World Cup match against Namibia on Monday. Mushtaq said he hopes Kohli will soon retire from T20 Internationals.

You can withdraw from T20 Internationals

He said: “I think Kohli will soon stop playing in the T20 Internationals for the country, although he will continue to play in the Indian Premier League.” The Indian team failed to reach the semi-finals of an ICC event for the first time since 2012 and Mushtaq blamed the IPL for it. Mushtaq said: ‘I think the Indian team failed in the World Cup because of the IPL. I think their players were tired of being in a biologically safe environment for so long before the World Cup.

Leaving 57 runs scored against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup, he couldn’t do anything special. He didn’t even hit Afghanistan and Namibia. Overall, this T20 World Cup was disappointing for Kohli as a batter and as a captain.

In total, he has played 51 T20 matches as captain in T20 Internationals, of which 30 have been won, 16 are lost, two draws and two are inconclusive.

He is the best Indian captain in terms of scoring T20 runs as captain. With 1,570 runs, he is the first highest run scorer in India and the fourth in the world in T20I. He also has the feat of scoring the fastest 1,000 T20 runs as captain, which he has accomplished in just 30 innings. As a hitter, he has played 94 T20 Internationals, in which he has scored 3,227 runs over 29 half centuries.

Virat Kohli has scored the most runs in the T20

No batsman in the world has scored as many runs as Kohli in T20 Internationals. New Zealand’s Martin Guptill scored 3,115 runs in 107 games. And now current T20 captain Rohit Sharma is the third leading scorer in runs with 3,038 runs in 116 T20 games.

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