Bachelor In Paradise’s Joe Amabile, Serena Engaged, Kendall Returns

Here’s a new beginning! Joe Amabile has proposed to Serena pitt on Tuesday 5 October, episode of Bachelor in Paradise – after his ex Kendall Long made a surprising return to the beach.

Before the 34-year-old former grocer could get down on one knee, he spoke to Kendall, 30. The pair, who met in season 5 of beep in 2018, it stopped in early 2020. Earlier in season 7, the Bachelor education season 22 alum admitted to joe she still loved him, but the… bachelor party Season 14 contestant told Kendall that he didn’t feel the same when he was developing feelings for Serena, 23.

“When I first came here, I knew you’d be here. And part of me thought it would be really easy to come here and have a closing talk, and work on finding a new relationship and hopefully love, but that’s not what happened,” Kendall told Joe during the final. “I came to this beach and was completely surprised by how I felt and how overwhelming it was. And I think what happened in the end is that I came here to let you go completely. … I’m very excited for you and Serena, and I felt like I couldn’t leave the speech without fully, like, expressing that to you.”

Bachelor In Paradise Season 7 Finale Joe Amabile And Serena Pitt Are Engaged Why Kendall Long Returned 2

Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt ABC/Craig Shodin

Despite the tension Kendall’s presence created (and Serena going on a date with… Thomas Jacobs early in the season), the relationship between Joe and Serena grew stronger over the weeks. During the finale, the Chicago native popped the question with a Neil Lane diamond after informing her about Kendall’s visit.

“My ex just came to the beach. … At least it has given me more confidence in how much I love you,” Joe told Serena after Kendall left (again). “We’ve certainly had our speed bumps along the way, but the way you handle them shows me what a loving person you are. I really love you – your smile, your charm, your looks, this whole thing. A Toronto accent. It’s just really everything happened fast, faster than I thought. But right now I don’t see myself not wanting to wake up with you by my side. When I think about forever, you know, it’s scary. And I think about it with you and I don’t know, it feels good. … Serena Pitt, I love you very much. Will you marry me?”

Through tears, Serena said yes.

“The two most logical people on this beach just followed their hearts and got engaged!” she exclaimed. “I love you!”

Serena has previously been candid about how hard it was to have Kendall in Mexico during the season.

“Joe and I were lucky enough to have time before she arrived to lay a foundation for our relationship. And during that time we were able to discuss our past relationships and what we had been through,” the Canadian resident said on Thursday, September 30, on the podcast’s “Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation.” “His most serious relationship was Kendall and they met on the show and he struggled to be back there and so there were conversations about that and those led to conversations [about her potential arrival].”

Serena told cohosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo that her previous chats with Joe gave her “reassurance” when Kendall showed up.

Bachelor In Paradise Season 7 Finale Joe Amabile And Serena Pitt Are Engaged Why Did Kendall Return For So Long 3

Kendall Long Mark Von Holden / Invision / AP / Shutterstock

“However, it is still very difficult to get through. It was very uncomfortable,” she explains. “I can sympathize with everyone involved in that situation and the way I chose to deal with it was to support Joe in whatever way he needed and give us to be open and honest with each other.”

Serena concluded, “I admired how he handled the situation — both how he handled myself and Kendall — and it made my feelings for him a little bit stronger and I’d say, looking back, it’s strengthened our relationship.”

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