Back 4 Blood has spammed too many special zombies, but it’s fixed

Turtle Rock Studios, the developer behind Back 4 Blood, has said it has fixed an issue in the game that had caused special zombies to spawn more frequently while driving than the developer intended.

If you’ve been playing Back 4 Blood, you may have noticed that it can get a little hectic at times. This is especially true when playing some of the later levels of the campaign with higher difficulty levels. It can often feel as if the game’s special Ridden (it’s Back 4 Blood’s name for the undead) is spawning at overwhelming speeds. As it turns out, Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed that this is not intentional, but rather as a result of a bug that has caused special enemies to overshadow during runs.

The study addressed the issue during its November 202 developer update. “We found an issue where Specials would often duplicate their spawn cards, which intensified as players progressed through levels,” the update reads. “This would often result in an unfair amount of Specials overwhelming Cleaner teams.”

After finding the problem, the developer says it should be fixed as part of an update patch that went live earlier in the week. While this should help bring a little more balance to the later stages of the Back 4 Bloods campaign, the study also has that it will continue to “dig into spawning issues to help level the experience further” in later updates.

In addition to correcting the frequency of specials spawned in the game, this month’s update to Back 4 Blood also made a number of other changes. In addition to various general bug fixes and improvements, the studio says it has listened to community feedback and implemented some much-requested quality-of-life updates for the game. Among these is the ability to disable voice chat in the game, unlock all Cleaner characters from the start of the game, and unlock all previous chapters after completing a campaign chapter.

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Looking ahead, the studio has recently announced its upcoming roadmap for the game. While this month’s focus will be on improving the overall gameplay of Back 4 Blood through major bug fixes and quality of life improvements, new content will be added to the game in December in the form of additional supply lines and a solo-offline mode with campaign progression. The roadmap also confirmed that a number of additional features will come into play during 2022 – including a new level of difficulty, co-op mode and a wider range of player cards.

For more on Back 4 Blood, be sure to check out our review where we awarded the game an 8/10.

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