Bayern Munich enter winter break with nine points lead after Borussia Dortmund collapse

When Bayern Munich traveled to the Westfalenstadion on December 4, they had a one-point lead in the table over Der Klassiker rival Borussia Dortmund. At the end of that game, Bayern were four points ahead, 34 to 30. With the Bundesliga entering the winter break, Bayern have widened their lead to a huge gap of nine points, 43 to 34 points.

Bayern ended 2021 with a hard-fought win over Mainz (2-1) before blowing out both Stuttgart (5-0) and Wolfsburg (4-0). On the other hand, Dortmund capped their Hinrunde with a second half loss to Hertha Berlin after a Bochum draw and beating Greuther F├╝rth.

You don’t win the Bundesliga in the Hinrunde, but you can lose It. And it’s entirely possible that Dortmund’s last three games in December have put an end to their hopes of really pushing Bayern for the league title.

Is the Bundesliga race done and dusted? No, but going into January with a nine-point lead at the top of the table is a huge boost for Julian Nagelsmann as he looks set to win his first Bundesliga trophy and Bayern’s tenth in a row.

It is now up to Bayern to lose.

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