BFW Verbal Spat Club: Bayern Munich’s Benjamin Pavard and Manchester United’s Paul Pogba are arguing

Nothing gets the old juices flowing around these parts like a good fight and it sounds like Bayern Munich’s Benjamin Pavard and Manchester United’s Paul Pogba are about to fight per The Daily Star:

Paul Pogba was seen enraged at his French team-mate Benjamin Pavard on Sunday night during their UEFA Nations League final victory over Spain. French manager Didier Deschamps had to try to calm the situation as Pogba grew increasingly furious with the Bayern Munich defender. Pogba was put under heavy pressure on the edge of his own territory with limited support from the teammates around him, including Jules Kunde.

He was eventually able to pull a foul from the Spanish forward that put pressure on him, but soon found that Pavard was getting into position and expressed his feelings to the 25-year-old. This was not the first time Pogba and Pavard had argued on the pitch while representing their country after a similar incident at the European Championship. During their round of 16 to Switzerland in the summer, Pogba was reportedly told by Raphael Varane that Pavard had said he was not “defending enough”.

If The wire‘s De’Londa Brice was around, she would certainly have broken out her signature term “acting ab***h” in Varane for spreading gossip, but I digress (An Real Madrid player as villain…SHOCKING).

Regardless, Pogba was reportedly furious with Pavard for that statement and “confronted Pavard on the field, with Pavard allegedly insulting Pogba during their heated argument.”

The kicker of the whole story is this comment from a random fan on social media who responded to Pogba’s criticism of Pavard:

However, on this occasion, fans quickly jumped to Pogba’s defense on social media, with one fan tweeting, “Can’t blame him, Pavard is terrible.”

But was it random? It certainly sounds like something one of BFW’s own infamous staffers would say:

Anyway, how are Pavard and Pogba supposed to solve this?


How are Pavard and Pogba supposed to fix their beef?

  • 40%

    Talk about their problems and work it out like adults.

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  • 24%

    Just keep being petulant, avoiding each other and doing nothing so that this continues to simmer.

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  • 35%

    Shake hands.

    (178 votes)

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