Big Sky delayed: Kathryn Winnick series faces long hiatus after ABC shakeup | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The sinister character Ronald is back and initially aroused suspicions by stealing a camper van at the beginning of the episode.

He engages in a heavy brawl with Cassie’s father, running away only to be apprehended by Wolf Legarski (John Carroll Lynch).

The next day, Cassie arrives at the office to find her father dead on the floor, with Ronald being the obvious prime suspect.

A short promo teased the funeral of her father and a vengeful Cassie, but otherwise little is known about the next episode.

With the new year fast approaching, hopefully ABC will share some more details from episode nine over the next few weeks to entice fans during the long stretch of the season.

Big Sky season two continues in February 2022 on ABC.

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