Blade Runner: Black Lotus Trailer: The Future Is Anime

The first official trailer didn’t quite hit the mark for a “Blade Runner” property, but this latest trailer nails it. In addition to the required neon lights, rain-soaked streets and flying cars, the new trailer also features smooth jazz that turns into synthwave. The sultry sounds of a saxophone give way to the Com Truise song “Brokendate” as our main character, Elle, gets a Voight-Kampff test to determine if she’s a replicant or not.

“Twenty years ago, a company made artificial people. They called them replicants, hoping they would do all our heavy lifting without complaining,” explains the mystery man who did the test on her. It’s a great throwback to the opening scene of the original 1982 film, where the replicant Leon (Brion James) becomes enraged while taking the test.

Elle (voiced by Jessica Henwick in the English dub/Arisa Shuda in Japanese) is a replica, but her past is a complete mystery to her. However, she seems to have plans for the future as she mentions that she is “going to kill them all” in the trailer.

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