Bloons TD 6 CHIMPS Mode: The easiest strategy

Are you struggling to complete the final level, CHIMPS mode, in Bloons TD 6? Out of all the levels, it is the most challenging and requires not only upgraded towers but also a perfect strategy. To make it easier for you, we have created this guide that tells you the optimal BTD6 CHIMPS strategy as well as the best troops to choose.

What is CHIMPS mode in Bloons TD 6?

This is the last level of the game, which is considered to be the most difficult to complete due to the challenges and conditions it has. It stands for “No one continues, no hearts lost, no income, no monkey knowledge, no powers and no sales. Unlike other levels, the CHIMPS mode has certain rules to follow to play it.

What are the rules in CHIMPS mode?

In total, there are five rules to follow:

  • A player is given only a single life to complete the level. Make sure none of your Blooner goes down, otherwise you will have to start from the beginning again.
  • There are very limited bonuses attached to each round and the money generation towers. such as banana. does not work
  • You can not use Monkey Knowledge to boost your troops
  • At the beginning of the game, power-ups are disabled until the end
  • You can not swap any of the towers during the battle

Strategy for hitting BTD 6 CHIMPS mode

As you may have guessed after reading the rules of this mode, the key to winning is choosing a perfect and balanced team of Bloons. By this we mean that your troops must contain both attack and support Bloons. The attacking Bloons have more offensive stats while lacking defense, so they need to be backed up by the supporting Bloons from the back line.

In addition, you should choose Bloons, who have injuries in late game. CHIMPS mode has about a hundred levels, and the difficulty level gradually increases. If you have troops with damage that scales up in the late game, then there is a good chance that you can survive during the late game challenges.

Best Bloons to choose in CHIMPS mode

As we mentioned above, you need two types of Bloons. We have listed the best options that will not disappoint you by being knocked out on the battlefield. But the last mode is about placement, so be sure to place them well to get their full potential out.

Attack Bloons

Heli pilots

(Image via Fandom)

One of the best Bloons to play out the enemy, whether they have air or land troops. These Bloons do unreal damage and have a decent amount of sustain. However, you need to position them tactically as they cannot change targets quickly.

Spike Factory

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The best counts for Frozen or Lead Bloons. These Bloons shoot spikes at the enemy, regardless of their position. One must use these as they can detect Camo Bloons, which is very common in CHIMPS mode.

Monkey Buccaneers

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Monkey Buccaneers are way too good on the water. If you have maxed out and equipped them with the best equipment, you can be sure that the victory is yours. They can shoot sharp grapes and have a very wide range. On top of that, they, like Spike Factory, can also discover Camo Bloons.

Support Bloons

Shattering shells

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As a support Bloon, it helps remove Camo, Regrow and Fortified attributes from enemy Bloons, making them vulnerable. Be sure to keep your Bloons attacks ready for deployment once they are revealed.

The alchemist

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The drinking master of Bloons TD 6 can slow down the enemies, allowing you to knock them down right away. It can work for all reasons and must be placed strategically, as the slow effect does not have a great range.

Monkey Village

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Its primary role is to polish nearby towers so they can use the upgrades and get a wider attack area. It can also attack the enemy Bloons, but the damage is not great compared to others. Upgrading Monkey Village can also disrupt enemy Bloons’ HP Rain and growth.

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