Brother of Ivan Hall, ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ alum, arrested on Texas murder charge

Gabriel Hall was arrested in October for killing Carlos Veliz Jr. had been shot in the head after an early morning verbal dispute

Gabriel Hall, brother of the popular ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ contestant Ivan Hall, was arrested on charges of murder for his alleged involvement in an Aug. 31 shooting, according to reports from TMZ.

The outlet checked legal documents showing Gabriel has been behind bars since October after police said he and another man, Carlos Veliz Jr., engaged in a verbal altercation that ended with Gabriel fatally shooting Veliz in the head.

Per USWeekly, police identified Gabriel as the suspect seen on surveillance footage. He was driving an SUV while arguing with Veliz in the parking lot of the supermarket where his body was later found.

Gabriel was reportedly taken into custody after authorities matched a shirt he owned with the one in the surveillance video and found gunshot residue on his hands and gloves and in his rental car — an Eclipse Crossover that also matched the vehicle on the recording. could be seen.

Ivan, 29, who starred in season 16 of “The Bachelorette,” was reportedly candid about his brother’s previous jail terms during conversations with show director Tayshia Adams on the broader context of systemic racism in America.

“Especially with George Floyd and police brutality, that’s something that really touched me,” Ivan told Adams as the two discussed Gabriel’s previous encounters with law enforcement on a November 2020 episode, USWeekly reported. “You can only imagine how much wilder it could be in prison.”

“My brother used to tell me stories about how these correctional officers beat him up,” Ivan continued. “And I felt so bad because my first question was like, ‘Well, Gabe, what have you done?’ It does not matter. It doesn’t matter what George Floyd did, or what my brother did, these people have a job to do and they have to do it right. They can’t just hurt people for no reason.”

According to USWeekly, Ivan and Adams bonded as they discussed their feelings about the recent spate of Black Lives Matter protests, as well as their experiences navigating as black in America.

“Honestly, it inspired me more than anything. I never thought in my life – our life – that so many people would come together for one common goal,” Ivan said of the increasing national attention to biased systems. “I really never thought that. … We are both biracial, have black fathers and we have this beautiful love story in development. This is just so big.”

Gabriel made a surprise appearance on the Bachelor following his release from a previous four-year prison sentence, which Ivan said “meant the world to him” and made him feel “a range of emotions,” per USWeekly.

“It is very special for me to have my brother here; he grew up by my side and knows me best. At the end of the day, he’s my best friend, so I’m really looking forward to Tayshia meeting him,” said Ivan, a California native who also starred in “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Gabriel said during a confession on the Bachelor episode that he felt “revitalized” upon seeing Ivan “show his love” by helping to “guide” him in life.

“I mean, anything you said, I could say the same about you,” Gabriel responded during the episode. ‘You are my best friend, I look up to you. It’s just a shame that when I was dropped in the water you had to learn how to ride the waves too.”

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