Buccaneers are considering cutting Antonio Brown

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They have time to make a decision and they will take advantage of the time they have.

According to a league source, the Buccaneers are considering interrupting receiver Antonio Brown in the wake of the news that he provided the team and the league with a fake vaccination card.

When Brown joined the team in 2020, coach Bruce Arians told Peter King, “He breaks down once he’s gone.” Speaking to reporters on Friday, Arians admitted the situation “pisses me off” and “nothing has been decided” regarding Brown and safety Mike Edwards, both of whom have been suspended for three games.

They are eligible to return on Dec. 20, the day after Tampa’s Week 15 Sunday night game against the Saints.

It’s fifteen days for the Bucs to make a decision on Brown and Edwards. And it is in theory possible that the Bucs cut Brown and keep Edwards, as Edwards did not arrive with the same warning of a false move as Brown did.

There’s another reason not to dump Brown now, if the Bucs have already decided they will (if they have, they’ll keep it close to the West). If he were released now, he would go through dispensations and then become a free agent. He could land with another team, and the other team could send him a playbook and movie and otherwise begin the process of getting him up to speed before week 16. By waiting to release Brown, Brown’s next team will have less time to to make him ready to go.

The X factor in all of this is, of course, quarterback Tom Brady. He wanted Brown in Tampa Bay, despite a series of off-field problems that made him radioactive for most teams. Brady might want the Bucs to give Brown a second chance, as having Brown on the field gives Brady his best chance of getting Super Bowl victory No. 8. And that’s something that will be remembered far beyond Brown’s misfortune. with a fake vaccination card.

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