Build your league to survive the zombies in Doomsday Survivors, which can now be pre-registered on Android

Doomsday Survivors is an upcoming action-survival game that has just opened pre-registration on Android worldwide. At the time of writing, it is available for pre-registration in all major countries. However, it may take about one more day before the pre-registration option appears in all countries.

About the game

Doomsday Survivors is developed and published by Phoenix VN. They are known for Solarland, an open-world action JRPG that was released late last month.

Doomsday Survivors focuses on the concept that human spines are more dangerous than zombies. A long time ago, a vanguard was called and convinced to protect people. The Venus fleet carried the future and imagination of man. But it was crushed with the disappearance of Venus. Venus II was created then and is humanity’s last hope. You have to build a league to compete in a battle for survival. Then you have to fight zombies and beat bosses to get rare gear.

Doomsday Survivors is now available for pre-registration

Doomsday Survivors is now available for pre-registration on Android globally on Google Play. It will be a title that can be played for free with optional in-app purchases.

The game’s global release date has not yet been announced, and it’s also uncertain whether it will be released on iOS. Phoenix VN’s Solarland, an open world JRPG released last month, is limited to Android only. So Doomsday Survivors’ chance to release on iOS seems scarce.


The story of the game is quite interesting though, as no gameplay footage is available at the moment, so it’s hard to comment much. We’ll have to wait for a gameplay trailer to know if it’s a worthy action survival game or not.
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