Can you play with co-op splitscreen multiplayer?

Guardians of the Galaxy is finally here and there is so much to look forward to on your heroic journey around the unknown.

Peter Quill grabs the adventure by the collar and shouts the name “Star-Lord” to it with his team of lovable scoundrels – Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot. The Guardians of the Galaxy is a team – so can you play this new iteration of their adventure as a team? Does the Guardians of the Galaxy game offer co-op splitscreen multiplayer?

Here’s all we know about it – sometimes a Star-Lord has to fly solo.

Her Guardians of the Galaxy co-op multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Square Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy game does not have co-op features or split-screen multiplayer. You may be playing a “Guardians of the Galaxy”, but you can only play as Peter Quill in this.

This may seem like a missed shot with Star-Lord Element Blaster, but it’s actually well suited to the way Guardians of the Galaxy is built.

Star-Lord is the leader of this group, and as Star-Lord you must carefully navigate the relationship between yourself and the other members – and those between other members. Guardians of the Galaxy features several in-game decisions that shape the story’s way of evolving.

Guardians of the Galaxy Co-op Splitscreen Multiplayer

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FLARKIN ‘HELL – You’re on your own for this one

It’s a linear story, of course, but there is some leeway. This is where the Guardians of the Galaxy have made the right choice to keep multiplayer away from the cards.

Patrick Fortier, Senior Gameplay Director for Guardians of the Galaxy, said the following:

“If you only play as Peter, you experience the team more like you would in real life … When you’re part of the team, you do not control the team, you suffer the team. Sometimes you influence the team, sometimes you will two think alike and sway you in a certain direction … it feels rich to Guardians of the Galaxy. “

Playing as one character makes these interpersonal relationships feel more authentic – it may be a shame that you can not experience this adventure with a friend, but it helps build the characters on display and draws you into becoming a part of their world.

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