Changing Tides now has a release date •

Released in March plus Game Pass day one.

FATHER: Changing Tides now has a release date of March 1st and can be pre-ordered.

Changing Tides, originally planned for last year, is the sequel to Far: Lone Sails developed by Okomotive and released by Frontier Foundry, the frontier development game brand.

The game will hit Game Pass on Day One for Xbox owners and will also be available on PlayStation and PC (via Windows, Epic and Steam). Nintendo will have pre-orders available from February.

To celebrate the unveiling of the launch date, two lo-fi soundtrack videos have been made using assets in the game, indicating the game’s meditative mood. The first one available now is called Above – listen to the video below.

Dad: Changing Tides is set to continue the side-scrolling vehicle steering of the first game, this time on a boat above and below the waves.

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