Cheap deals on laptops this week

Cheap gaming portable deals are not as rare as they might sound. Seriously, while many of the best gaming laptops require you to travel with plenty of cash to buy them, there are usually a handful of decent deals on gaming laptops at any given time. Some of them offer a great way to get into PC gaming on a budget, while others are a base from which you can build a powerful and portable machine.

Every week we go in search of the best cheap gaming laptops we can find. For the most part, we are looking for laptops with Nvidia RTX 30 Series mobile GPUs stored in them as these offer some good humor on the go. But having said that, for a good deal we would look at an older chip, such as the RTX 16 series or the 20 series. There are also a handful of AMD GPUs around, though we find deals on these far rarer.

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