College coach salaries send “shock waves” through the NFL

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The proliferation of eight-digit college coaches will certainly have an impact on the NFL.

Via Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, recent contracts given by schools like Michigan State, USC and LSU sent shock waves through the NCAA – and “bigger shock waves” in the NFL.

Glazer predicts NFL coach salaries could double or triple over the next year or two. We recently reported that the peak of the NFL market is expected to reach $ 25 million a year soon.

Glazer also said that only a handful of NFL coaches currently earn more than $ 10 million a year.

It could be a handful with a few extra fingers. According to our count, at least eight coaches are currently north of $ 10 million a year in total compensation, including the money they officially receive and the extra cash that comes their way so as not to blow the basket: Patriots coach Bill Belichick, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, Ravens coach John Harbaugh, Chiefs coach Andy Reid, Saints coach Sean Payton, Rams coach Sean McVay, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. Of those, Belichick, Payton and Carroll are thought to be north of $ 15 million annually. Belichick is believed to earn the most at more than $ 20 million.

Jaguar coach Urban Meyer may be worth $ 10 million or more; But the fact that his compensation has never surfaced suggests that it is nothing for Meyer or his agent to brag about. (We actually reported before he took the job that he was looking for $ 12 million a year, which led to a clumsy effort to refute it.)

Other coaches may soon join the eight-digit club. Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury, Packers coach Matt LaFleur, Washington coach Ron Rivera, Bills coach Sean McDermott, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski, Titans coach Mike Vrabel, Dolphins coach Brian Flores, Colts coach Frank Reich and even Bengals coach Zac Taylor appear to be potential candidates. (Taylor might have to go to another team to get that much money.)

Either way, the tide is rising for everyone. While the NFL may have tried to keep down the money being paid to most coaches, these days are likely to be over, thanks to the growth in college-level coaching salaries.

The fact that TV money keeps rising in the air and gambling money keeps flowing makes it even more likely that the director of an NFL franchise will soon earn much more than ever before. Combined with the absence of a pay cap, a third of all coaches could be north of $ 25 million a year by the end of the decade.

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