Comic books evolve to tell our stories

Sorted comic books hang on the wall in the home of opinion editor John A. Torres

I’ve been a comic book nerd all my life.

Do not believe me? Ask my wife. When we first moved in together, I insisted that I put all my superhero action figures on the wall. They were (obviously) still in the original packaging and I thought it would look great.

I was wrong. Fortunately, I now only have a few of my stripped, sorted comic books hanging on the wall. It looks much better and is usually a talking point when we have company.

Growing up in the 1970s, I dutifully read Spiderman, Batman, Marvel Team-Up, the Fantastic Four, and more. And it’s funny that I never questioned the race of my favorite heroes, nor their sexual preferences, that is, until I saw the cover of number 153 of Captain America and The Falcon.

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