Conte admits Tottenham’s level is ‘not that high’ after a 2-1 defeat in the Europa Conference League

Antonio Conte has admitted he is “beginning to understand the situation” at Tottenham after their dismal 2-1 Europa Conference League defeat to NS Mura, warning that he is not a “magic” who can offer an immediate solution.

“The only magic I can do is work,” he said. “To bring work and work to improve, to bring my methods, my ideas about football. But we have to understand that we need time.”

Conte looked surprised at how bad his side had been in Slovenia and hinted at the need for reinforcements when he said: “I’ve found players who want to work and have a big commitment, but sometimes it’s not enough.”

However, Conte stressed that the problems went beyond just this game and suggested that the current squad may not be good enough for its ambitions.

“You can push a car to the maximum level and sometimes it’s not enough to be competitive,” he said.

“I think this team is very young, but at the same time we have to work and improve because the details determine the end result. I didn’t like what happened tonight, the performance.

“I have to be honest and tell you that after three and a half weeks I start to understand the situation. I can tell you that the situation is not easy.

“It is not easy, because at the moment the level of Tottenham is certainly not that high. There is an important gap with the top teams in England. We should not be afraid of this. I am here to work, here to deal with the situation I know we have to work hard, but we also have to improve the quality of the situation because if we want to be competitive.

“I know we need patience and time right now and I’m here because I know there are issues that need to be resolved. After three and a half weeks I am happy to stay here (to be here), but at the same time I have to be honest and tell you that we have to work a lot to improve the quality of the (current) squad. We are Tottenham and Tottenham at the moment, there is an important gap.

“But I repeat that I am not afraid. I want to work. I’m ready to work. But we need time, especially for our fans, because our fans want to see the team win. Me too. I want to be honest that we have to work a lot to improve the situation. We need time and patience.”

Conte added: “I’m here to work and I’m excited to work, to rebuild an important situation for Tottenham. We need time, but also to do better in everything, everything. We have to do better in everything, everything, everything. Having ambition, ambition in football is important to me.”

He also went out of his way to say he was “not afraid” of the challenge he and Tottenham faced.

(Photo: Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images)

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