CosmicBreak Slash is a new hack ‘n’ slasher spin-off coming to PC

cosmicbreak slash cyberstep

MMO spin-off game in full action

The Japanese developer Cyberstep has revealed CosmicBreak Slash, an upcoming hack ‘n’ slash adventure born of the popular anime MMO Cosmic pause. The new game will be launched on PC in Japan at some point in the coming winter.

For the less likely, Cosmic pause is a Sci-Fi MMO that was launched in Japan way back in 2008. Seen against a parallel dimension known as Cosmic Ark, the game describes the escapades of several “Unions” (clans) competing for dominance via monster-sized mechanical devices known as “Arks”. Cosmic pause failed to realize a planned sequel in 2015 (following a Kickstarter that failed to bring in half of its $ 150,000 goal), but was renewed and relaunched earlier this year in the form of CosmicBreak Universal.

While Cyberstep has not released any footage or screenshots of the new title in action, the developer explained that CosmicBreak Slash will be a single-player action that lets the player take direct control CosmicBreak the universe’s mech-loving babes as they battle battalions of enemies.

CosmicBreak Slash is currently under development for PC via Steam, with additional information, footage and location information to be revealed by Cyberstep at a later date.

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