Cowboys-Raiders brawl: Ref bloodied, two players disqualified at start of second half

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The Las Vegas Raiders and Dallas Cowboys took overtime on Thanksgiving to settle a particularly physical game that reached a boiling point in the first half of the second half. After the Raiders were three-and-out, AJ Cole came on point. While the shoe went out of bounds at the Cowboys’ 17-yard line, the game wasn’t over.

Cowboys rookie cornerback Kelvin Joseph and Raider safety Roderic Teamer kept pushing each other out of bounds, and it caught the attention of pretty much everyone on the field. In the midst of punches, one of the officers, Tom Hill, was covered in blood on the chin. Joseph and Teamer were immediately ejected.

Check out what happened here:

Hill was bandaged and immediately returned to action, and this crew on duty wasted no time casting out the culprits. This incident happened while the Raiders had a 17-13 lead over the Cowboys. Dallas was a favorite by 7.5 points heading into this game, and 6-1 against the spread, but Las Vegas held the upper hand most of the way, winning 36-33 on Daniel Carlson’s fifth field goal of the game in overtime.

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