Cryptic tweet from Minecraft developer hints for 1.18 update coming soon

Minecraft caves and cliffs

In October, Minecraft developer Mojang announced that part two of their giant Caves and Cliffs update would be ready in “a month or two”. It seems like it’s almost time for Mikael “slicedlime” Hedberg, Tech Lead for Minecraft Java Edition, to tweet something a little cryptic:

It may not seem like much to go after, but Mojang employees are known for using Twitter to tease upcoming features – or do it by accident, at least – and the wording of the tweet, specifically “pre-paring”, suggests a pre-release for Caves and Cliffs part two.

Previews typically come a few days or weeks before the official launch of the new update and act as a step between “snapshots” – the test site for new features that players can sign up for – and the full update, which is hopefully as close to completion as possible . The first pre-release for 1.17, the last update, was on May 27th, and the full update came out on June 8th.

What does it mean? Hopefully this means we do not have to wait long for the 1.18 update which will add an incredible new world generation to your Minecraft worlds. It may even come before the end of November!

Mojang also announced in this year’s Minecraft Live presentation that the Deep Dark biome and its new mob, The Warden, would be pushed back to the 2022 update, The Wild.

Is your server ready for the update? Have you tried snapshots? Tell us in the comments!


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