Cubs reportedly canceling Cubs convention for second year in a row

For the second year in a row, the Chicago Cubs are not holding their annual fan convention.

No CubsCon. Again. This sucks.

While I appreciate all reasonable considerations about community safety, and while I also understand that logistical reasons require these decisions to be made months in advance, I am still very disappointed. We will be in the pandemic for nearly two years, in mid-January when the convention would have been held, and we will be over a year on a vaccination program that has long given anyone interested the opportunity to participate (over the age of 5). year). I won’t pretend I know the perfect time to flip the switch back to normal things, while acknowledging that this virus has become endemic, but it has to come at some point. Maybe January is not the time. But ever.

(Note that the White Sox also canceled their fan convention, so you can forego any conspiracy theories about the Cubs that fans want to avoid. I don’t think this is.)

For me, this one especially annoys me, especially since the convention is a great excuse to see friends, participate in some stupid fun Cubs stuff, and get ready for the season. I’m not going to scream and pout – the league may have shut the players out at that point anyway – but I feel it’s okay to be disappointed today.

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