Damien Hirst Gagosian Brittania Street Exhibition

Damien Hirst presents the third installment of his longstanding collaboration at Gagosian London’s Brittania Street location. In his latest exhibition entitled “Emergency Paintings, Danger Paintings, Hazard Pictures, and Seizures”, the acclaimed British artist has created a series of works related to the visual experiences of warning, danger, crime, rescue and death.

The show follows on from two previous episodes – Fact paintings and fact sculptures, which were exhibited in April, along with Relics and Fly Paintings, which recently closed in September. Hirst was inspired to be emergency paintings by observing the many warning graphics he would see during long car journeys. The artist took quick shots of his observations and reinterpreted them in a similar hard-edge pastiche that can be traced back to the likes of Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella.

In addition, Hirst extends the idea of ​​danger from the surfaces of urban signage to the physical skins of animals – such as poisonous frogs, insects, snakes and sea creatures. The artist notes that the collection of work refers to “a thing nature does that is similar to what we do on emergency vehicles. We stole the idea from nature, of course, and hid it in geometry.”

equal to being Pill cabinets series, epileptic attacks continues Hirst’s fascination with taxonomy systems – this time focusing on the police confiscating large quantities of illegal drugs as a token of triumph. “Emergency Paintings, Danger Paintings, Hazard Pictures, and Seizures” is on display at Gagosian’s Brittania Street location.

Elsewhere, Umar Rashid paints the fictional history of the French Empire.

Britannia Street 6–24
London wc1x 9jd

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