Daniil Kyvat’s potential NASCAR switch opens F1 door for Oscar Piastric

The news that former Formula 1 driver Daniil Kyvat is considering a move to NASCAR has given a big clue to the future plans of rising Australian star Oscar Piastri.

Kvyat, whose F1 experience includes a stint as Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull teammate, is currently the reserve driver at Alpine.

Piastri, who won the F3 title last year and currently leads the F2 championship, is a member of the Alpine Academy and has been linked to the reserve driver role at Alpine for 2022.

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There is only one seat left on the F1 grid for next season, with Alfa Romeo, and Piastri recently told Wide World of Sports that he does not expect to get that position. The Melbourne 20-year-old revealed instead that the “logical step” for him would be to secure the third driver role at Alpine and make an F1 debut in 2023, when Fernando Alonso’s contract expires.

Kyvat posted to social media over the weekend of the NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway, noting that it was “really cool” and “maybe I want to race here someday.”

The Russian, who is also linked with a possible move to Formula E, will have to find another place to practice his profession in 2022 if, as is widely expected, he loses his place in the Alps to the youngster. Australian.

Piastri’s manager, nine-time Grand Prix winner Mark Webber, confirmed this to Wide World of Sports earlier this year when he said Alpine would pull out all the stops to keep the young Australian.

“Alpine knows that Oscar really should be the only one,” Webber said.

“They don’t want to lose him, they are working hard to keep him and that’s a great situation for Oscar because he does all his talking on the track.”

“They know he is their most important man. We have to find a solution with Alpine for the future, I am confident that everything will be fine.”

Piastri’s likely role at Alpine would be to attend some free practice sessions on Friday, with F1 introducing a new rule for 2022 requiring teams to drive a rookie driver throughout the season.

He is also expected for Alpine during the young drivers test in Abu Dhabi in December.

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