Decoupled Trailer: R Madhavan Drops His ‘Good Boy’ Image For Netflix Show Starring Surveen Chawla

Streaming giant Netflix released the first trailer for its upcoming dramedy Decoupled on Wednesday, starring R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla. The promo offers a glimpse of the divorce that a couple, Arya and Shruti (played by Madhavan and Chawla, respectively), undergoes.

More than your traditional plot-building story, it seems, Decoupled aims to put the spotlight on the character development of its protagonists. From the beginning to the end of the video, we see Arya and Shruti exchanging rejoinder, applause and genuinely honest moments on screen.

Watch the trailer for Disconnected here:

Speaking of Decoupled, creator Manu Joseph Mehta said, “Decoupled is about a man who can see in any situation what others have been trained to ignore. Of course it gets him into trouble everywhere, and this kind of objectivity is not healthy for a man in a marriage. One of our goals was to keep it all real. The thing with comedy is that if it’s not real, it’s not funny; and what’s hard about comedy is that every part in a scene has to fire to make it to make it work.”

“It was amazing to watch Madhavan ditch his good boy image for the lead role and reach deep into his delinquent side. Surveen Chawla, who played his long-suffering wife, had a particularly challenging role as it is extremely difficult to play a normally healthy person. And I am grateful to the director, Hardik Mehta, who taught me that men with great haircuts can still be very grounded and hardworking,” he added.

Meanwhile, Madhavan, who plays Arya in the feature film, said: “I play the character of ‘Arya’, a pulp fiction writer who suffers with a rather uncompromising sense of objectivity and clarity, along with a determination not to compromise (ever!) – which is especially hilarious when pitted against his calm and collected wife Shruti, played by Surveen. I am delighted to partner with a global platform like Netflix and am grateful to both Manu Joseph and Hardik Mehta for bringing this character and story to life. Surveen has been a joy to work with through and through and I hope the chemistry and humor we share on screen will leave the audience laughing uncontrollably.”

The Hardik Mehta director will be streamed on Netflix from December 17.


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