Deep Rock Galactic has sold over three million copies

It seems that there are many people who have listened to the call from the space mines. Deep Rock Galactic, the dwarf co-op game about blasting insects and rocks in mineral-rich asteroids, has now sold more than three million copies. With its first kampas just about to get underway, it seems like a great time to be mining these days.

Last week, Deep Rock Galactic reached its highest number of concurrent users ever on Steam, reaching 41,733 players logged in at once on October 28th. It’s significantly higher than the top earlier this year during its free weekend in February, which until then was the highest number of concurrent users in the game’s history. In addition to the three million copies sold, developer Ghost Ship says that almost another million players have logged in via the Xbox Game Pass (which you can also sign up for here).

The new Performance Pass, which is free, started on November 4th. It includes 100 levels to work through, each of which unlocks new rewards and scripts for use in the cosmetics store. Ghost Ship says it crossed the three million mark shortly after the launch of the first season of new content.

“With one of the most inviting and passionate gaming communities, the title shows no signs of slowing down nearly two years from launch,” says publisher Coffee Stain. “The developers at Ghost Ship have already committed to several more seasons next year, with some more exciting news on the way in the next few weeks!”

Deep Rock Galactic now also has an integrated modding system, so you can add custom twists to the action if you’re interested in changing things.

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