Deep Rock Galactic sales hit $ 3 million after falling in new content


Deep Rock Galactic continues to prove to be a huge commercial success. After garnering criticism at launch last year, the game has now grown to 3 million units sold worldwide across Steam and Xbox platforms. That is an increase from 2 million units as reported in early 2021. The alien dwarf shooting game broke a new simultaneous player record of over 40,000 players this month, mainly thanks to the launch of season 01 of ‘Performance Pass’, which marked the game’s features. to a new free seasonal content model.

Albert Säfström, CEO, Coffee Stain Publishing said in a press release:

“The way Ghost Ship Games works is remarkable. It has been an uninterrupted pleasure to be on this journey so far, and by all accounts we are far from finished. The switch to seasons seems to have resonated with our players, and the newly expanded community has so much more to look forward to. ”

Søren Lundgaard, CEO & Co-Founder of developer Ghost Ship Games also added:

“When we launched Early Access in early 2018, we had no suspicion that we would reach new top CCUs and sales milestones by the end of 2021! We have always developed Deep Rock Galactic with our community. , and the new Performance Pass was completely aimed at giving them more ways to play for an extended period of time, so we’m glad this has also resulted in such a big milestone for us. “

Deep Rock Galactic Season 01 is available on Steam today and launches on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on November 18th.

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