Deontay Wilder: ‘Redemption is upon us!’

John Dennen considers what makes Deontay Wilder a dangerous man

It’s easy to scoff at Deontay Wilder’s litany of reasons, excuses actually, for his loss to Tyson Fury in their second fight. Fury certainly has. At Wednesday’s press conference he ridiculed Wilder’s conspiracy theories, which have spanned everything from loaded gloves, poisoning and betrayal by one of his own trainers. (Mark Breland was unceremoniously fired for throwing in the towel and saving Wilder in that February 2020 fight.) By Friday’s weigh-in, Fury was angry. He ruled out Wilder’s camp changes and the elevation of Malik Scott to become Wilder’s head coach.

“It is an ass that teaches another to fight. They’re both a pack of losers and they’re not worth a sausage. Then he couldn’t teach her anything. The man couldn’t fight himself, he was so foolish. So when you have a fucking house teaching another idiot how to fight, a real herd of cowardly idiots awaits you, ”Fury yelled at Wilder and his team.

It is virtually unprecedented for a fighter to bring in an untested trainer whom he knocked out himself in one round for the heavyweight championship fight, potentially the most crucial fight of Wilder’s career. The question arises: Does Wilder really want to change? Have you come to terms with your loss to Fury and addressed what really went wrong?

Bob Arum, Fury’s promoter, has naturally scoffed at Deontay’s explanations. “It doesn’t make sense,” he said when talking to Boxing news. “Pick one thing and argue that … Pick six strange things that happened and who’s going to believe them?”

Wilder is choosing his own reality. “That is exactly the problem. Real reality means less than ever and the alternate reality takes over, ”Arum said. “It is part of the political climate in the United States. For the first time I can remember, a man runs for president and loses, clearly loses and tries to convince everyone that the election was rigged and that he really won and should still be president … It’s the same mindset, let’s say any sh ** rda. and they will believe it. Sometimes you say so many things that nobody can believe it, but look how many people believe Trump. “

But does that make Deontay Wilder a dangerous man? For us viewers, Fury beat him deeply last time and that makes the Brit the clear favorite heading into this third fight. But if Wilder does not recognize that, if he has convinced himself in the course of the time that has elapsed since he was only ‘cheated’, so to speak, of victory the last time, while he will not have met the technical requirements. changes that could help improve your performance, your confidence may well be genuine. When a fighter refuses to admit that he has been hit, it is dangerous. And Wilder always has that equalizing power in his right hand.

“Calm is the key to the storm,” he said yesterday. “I know that when I am not calm my mind is cloudy. So when your mind is clouded, it allows you to make bad decisions. But when it’s calm, it can weather the storm. When you can see certain things, you can decide, make big decisions. I’m looking to be calm in this fight so I can make the big decisions and show people who I am. We have rejuvenated ourselves, we have reinvented ourselves. Redemption is upon us and I can’t wait to show the world who I am. I’m reintroducing myself to the world as Deontay Wilder. “

He ended with a familiar cry: “BOMB SQUAD!” A new man, unlikely. But the same danger? Potentially.

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