Derek Carr receives honors in September for a great start to the season

(Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images)

Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders appeared concentrated in 2021.

So much so, the team is off to a 3-0 start with a Monday night showdown against the Los Angeles Chargers on this week’s schedule.

Both teams are battling for supremacy in the AFC West and whoever wins will retain an advantage over the Kansas City Chiefs early in the year.

Let’s not forget the Denver Broncos 3-0 either.

Coming back to the Raiders, all the focus is on Carr and he was recognized for his great game by being named AFC Offensive Player of the Month.

He deserves that honor and will seek to keep it in October.

Its September

Carr has been on fire and done all of this without running back Josh Jacobs for most of the young season.

The Raiders quarterback has two passing passing touchdowns in all three games, and has also surpassed 300 yards in all three.

In fact, he’s averaging over 400 yards per game with a total of 1,203 yards so far in 2021.

Week 1 was the big showcase when Carr rushed 425 yards to defeat the Baltimore Ravens in overtime.

He followed up with a beating of Pittsburgh, then defeated Miami in another overtime thriller in Week 3.

The Raiders keep things interesting and Carr’s game has made a difference so far.

400 yards per game during a 17-game season means a final score of 6,800 yards.

Now that probably won’t happen.

But his first 5,000-yard season?

That should be easy if you play close to your current level all year long.

Turning off the rumors

Carr and the Raiders entered 2021 with a lot to prove.

The team hadn’t improved much with Jon Gruden and Carr took a lot of the blame for that.

Going 8-8 last season at least helped fight any crazy talk about crazy changes.

However, rumors floated throughout the offseason about the Raiders targeting a big-name quarterback and having Marcus Mariota on a major backup contract was another statement in itself.

Carr playing at an MVP level changes everything and could mark the peak of his career in his 30s.

We all have to slow down a bit because the Raiders are no strangers to a hot start.

The team started 6-3 in 2020, only to finish 8-8.

So we have seen this story before.

The difference now is the way Carr is lighting up opposing defenses.

At some point he is going to have a bad game.

But until then, Raiders fans should be delighted with what they are seeing and enjoy the ride.

Moving to Las Vegas could be the best thing that ever happened to this franchise.

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